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About The Organization

Founded in 1932, Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) is a non-profit, statewide association serving more than 3,500 music teachers and school administrators in the education of 220,000+ students who annually participate in the organization's activities through their school's membership. WSMA is a leader in providing programs and services that challenge youth to achieve excellence through music.

Mission Statement

To ensure that all students have opportunities which encourage lifelong involvement in music, the Wisconsin School Music Association will provide statewide music programming activities, offer leadership and support for school music programs, and advance music as an integral part of the school curriculum and community life.

Vision Statement

In Wisconsin schools and communities, all have access to enriching musical opportunities that assure a lifetime of involvement and enjoyment.

Guiding Principles

  • The study of music develops life skills.
  • The study of music is a vital part of every student's education.
  • A high-quality, comprehensive, inclusive music curriculum should be offered to all students at all levels.
  • A comprehensive study of music involves performing, creating, reading, listening and responding to music and should be available for all students at all levels.
  • A music program is most effective when there is sensitivity to scope and sequence of musical knowledge for all students at all levels.
  • The study of music develops creativity, self-expression, discipline and teamwork.
  • Music education positively influences other disciplines and professions.
  • A quality music program has a positive impact on school climate and community life.
  • Participation in school music encourages lifelong learning, involvement and appreciation of music.


District and State Solo & Ensemble Festivals, Concert Festivals, State Honors Music Project, State Marching Band Championships, Parade Marching Showcase, Student Composition Project, Launchpad Wisconsin


Consists of more than 1,000 schools; dues and fees subsidize membership and participation in WSMA programs

Board of Directors  View Board Members

Governs the organization and is made up of school administrators elected from 10 geographic districts, three elected officers from the Wisconsin Music Educators Association, the state music consultant, a community representative and a representative from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.


Wisconsin Center for Music Education (headquarters; owned and operated by WSMA)

1005 Quinn Drive

Waunakee, WI 53597




608-850-3566 / 800-589-9762



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