• WSMA Dues and Fees


WSMA has always been sensitive to the fiscal constraints of its member schools. In this present age of a sluggish economy and shrinking revenues, WSMA strives to create a dues and fees structure that supports membership enrollment and student participation in WSMA programs. As such, the 2014/2015 dues and fees schedules reflect the following:
  • No Increases in the fees associated with Concert Festivals, State Marching Band, State Honors Auditions and Tuition, Launchpad, and the Composition Project
  • No Increase in membership dues and Solo & Ensemble Festival fees
WSMA is committed to providing your students with access to high quality, rich and rewarding musical opportunities and experiences, which continue to be a critical component to the education of today’s youth. We thank you for your support and for partnering with WSMA to make sure music continues to play an important role in the lives of Wisconsin students.
Want to know where your dues go and how your festival fees and awards purchases fit into WSMA programs and services? Click here for WSMA Financial Information.

Current School Year:

2014-15 Dues and Fees Schedule (pdf)

Next School Year:

2015-16 Dues and Fees Schedule (pdf)