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WSMA Middle Level State Honors

"One of the greatest benefits of the WSMA Middle Level Honors Project is the progress that students make as musicians in preparation for their auditions. As their skill levels increase, they gain confidence, and they become stronger leaders in their own ensembles. The WSMA Middle Level Honors Project is a way to bring young people together with a common interest; love of music. Students who are selected will have an experience they'll never forget!"
                                                                               Carol Dahle – Hudson Middle School

"The WSMA Middle Level Honors Project has proven to be a vital component to our middle school music curriculum. The audition process alone has been a wonderful learning experience for our students. Once a student (and a program) have had a taste of the excellence and quality that the Middle Level Honors Project has to offer, they want more."
                                                                               Chris Gleason - Sun Prairie Patrick Marsh Middle School

​"Preparing for the WSMA Middle Level Honors Project audition is a sure way to boost your students' musical skills. My students are proud to be chosen to audition and work diligently to prepare their solos and sharpen their sightreading ability. The ensemble class component is often their favorite part of the audition. The audition process is a great experience, regardless of whether or not the student is accepted into a performing group. Being accepted is frosting on the cake."
                                                                               Lynn Seidl - Lux-Casco Middle School

The Middle Level Honors Audition schedule will be posted by Friday, March 27.

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This project is made possible in part thanks to the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music and 
the WSMA State Honors Music Project Endowment.

Teachers with more than five years of classroom experience are invited to apply to serve on the State Honors Music Project Staff by completing this Honors Staff Application.

For questions about the WSMA Middle Level Honors Project, please contact Shelley Hooper