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The Adjudicator Center is intended to bring together, in one source, all of necessary and relevant information.  Committee members, fellow adjudicators and WSMA staff have collaborated to assemble this important and useful tool.  It is our hope you will use this resource as a guide in providing constructive and educational experiences for all students participating in WSMA Music Festivals. With your continued assistance, a unique and valuable learning experience awaits these young musicians.

Your role as an adjudicator has a great impact on students participating at a music festival as well as a lifelong impact.  We sincerely thank you for your commitment and service to WSMA activities.  Thank you for making a positive difference in preserving our proud musical heritage.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in any of your adjudicator needs, please email Tim Wurgler - WSMA Program Director

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General Information

Role of WSMA Adjudicators

  • Maintain consistency by following WSMA rules and procedures;
  • Clarify expectations and standards of quality in various aspects of performance;
  • Provide constructive comments and suggestions for improvement on student performance;
  • Encourage students to continue in their musical development and participation;
  • Assist students in understanding the relationship between festival and other music experiences.

Adjudicators often make a significant impact on students and music teachers which continues long after the music festival is past. Professional and friendly demeanor is expected throughout the day. WSMA adjudicators attend training workshops every four years to refresh their skills and review adjudication expectations, and are paid for sharing their expertise and talents with our state's young musicians.


Purpose of WSMA Festivals

  • Improve students' music performance through assessment;
  • Increase students' understanding of music literature and music concepts;
  • Motivate students to continue their study of music;
  • Establish standards of excellence in music performance;
  • Provide opportunities for students to understand the relationship of music experiences to other life experiences.

Current Adjudicators

Yearly Festival Rules Update Quiz

Active adjudicators are required to take a yearly Festival Rules Update Quiz.  This quiz focuses on recent rules changes as well as procedures used by adjudicators at WSMA Festivals.  Resources to complete the 2015 - 2016 Festival Rules Update Quiz include the WSMA Adjudicator Handbook, Festival Rules Updates or WSMA Festivals section of the WSMA website.  There is also supporting material avaialble below that will provide guidance in completing the quiz.

The 2015 - 2016 Festival Rules Update Quiz can be completed online by clicking the link below.  If you encounter difficulties in using the online quiz please contact WSMA for assistance or simply use the printable version of the Festival Rules Update Quiz.

2015 - 2016 Festival Rules Update Quiz - Online Version

2015 - 2016 Festival Rules Update Quiz - Downloadable pdf - Click Here

2015 - 2016 Quiz Supporting Material - Downloadable pdf - Click Here


WSMA Adjudicator Availability

Please remember that your availability is due by November 1st to ensure consideration in the first round of festival contracts.

WSMA Adjudicator Availability may be submitted online but this format requires your adjudicator number.  If you do not know your adjudicator number, simply email Tim Wurgler.

If you would rather submit your availability using a paper form, please click below for the PDF version.

2015 - 2016 Online Adjudicator Availability - Click Here!

2015 - 2016 Adjudicator Availability Form (Paper Form) - Click Here

It is not necessary to make multiple submissions (online, mail, fax) of the information.


WSMA Adjudicator Workshop Online Registration

Please click here to be taken to the online registration for 2015 - 2016 Adjudicator Workshops. You will receive a confirmation email when the registration process is complete.  Approximately one week prior to the workshop you will receive an email from WSMA with information including directions.  If you encounter difficulties in using the online registration please contact WSMA for assistance or simply use the printable version of the registration form.

2015 - 2016 Register Online - Now Open!

2015 - 2016 Paper Registration Form - Now Open!

Criteria for Adjudicator Levels

The levels and associated criteria below are intended to provide access to those seeking to become or continue as active WSMA adjudicators, while also recognizing training, continued service and experience.

Step One-Submit an Adjudicator Registration Form and attend an Adjudicator workshop    Download a Registration form

  1. Attendance at an Adjudicator Workshop is expected for all new adjudicators to complete their initial training.
  2. All adjudicators are expected to attend a workshop at least once every four years to maintain their experience level. Those not attending a workshop within this time frame receive reduced compensation.
  3. New adjudicators and those that have not attended an adjudication workshop or have not met sufficient criteria are placed in the Level IV supplementary adjudicator category. Adjudicators in this entry-level category are assigned only in emergency situations until step two is completed.

Step Two-Mentoring process qualifying for Level III-Registered Adjudicator

  1. Meet at least one of 1a, 1b or 1c:
    a. Undergraduate degree in music or music education or
    b. Four years of teaching experience in a studio or professional music education setting or
    c. Music performance experience at a professional level.
  2. Successful participation in a WSMA Adjudication Workshop.
  3. Training or experience (choose one of the following)
    a. Participation at a festival as an adjudicator trainee with a Master Adjudicator (mileage paid) or
    b. Complete evaluations of videotaped S&E performances after the Adjudicator Workshop or
    c. Submit WSMA rubric evaluations on your students preparing festival materials (pre-approval required) or
    At least seven years experience with WSMA festivals as a teacher or festival manager
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of rules and procedures. (Written Quiz #1)
  5. Recommendation by Master Adjudicator (upon completion of training) or
    recommendation by review of evaluations.
  6. Annual re-certification on rule and procedure changes. (Yearly update quiz)

Step Three-Advancing to Level II-Certified Adjudicator

  1. WSMA Adjudication Experience.
    a. Three years as an active WSMA adjudicator and nine WSMA assigned festivals or
    b. 63 hours of adjudication or
    c. Nine years as an active music teacher in a school setting.
  2. Acceptable evaluation record as a WSMA adjudicator.
  3. Provide contact information for two references who represent the categories below:
    a. Administrator or supervisor (for school music teachers) and
    b. An active WSMA Adjudicator, school music teacher or music department chairperson.
    *Private music teachers or others not employed by a school need to have two recommendations from the sources identified in 3b.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of rules. (Quiz #1&#2)
  5. Annual re-certification on rule and procedure changes. (Yearly update)
  6. At least 3 years of experience in preparing students for music festivals.

Step Four-Achieving Level I -Master Adjudicator

  1. Undergraduate degree in music or music education.
  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of procedures (Written Quiz #1, #2 and #3)
  3. WSMA Adjudication Experience:
    a. Seven years as an active WSMA Adjudicator AND twenty-one WSMA assigned festivals or 147 hours or 15 years as an active music teacher in a school.
  4. Annual re-certification on rule and procedure changes. (Yearly update)
  5. Meet a minimum of two of the following:
    a. Evidence of professional development or
    b. Awards or recognition in the education or music profession or
    c. A minimum of 7 years of experience preparing students for WSMA festivals or
    d. Evidence of continuing activity as a professional musician.


All district and state solo and ensemble festival adjudicators use WSMA rubric forms to evaluate student performances. Adjudicators must attend a WSMA workshop for new form orientation unless they have already used the rubric forms at a prior WSMA festival. Failure to attend a workshop within the four year time period results in your status being lowered by one level.

Files for Download

Quizzes below are for Adjudicator Level Changes:

Selecting a link below will download the quiz in pdf format for you to complete and mail or fax to WSMA.
  Quiz #1
  Quiz #1 - Piano
  Quiz #2
  Quiz #2 - Piano
  Quiz #3 - Contact Tim Wurgler to receive this quiz

Sample Rubric Forms (Rated and Comment Only) may be found in MyCenter.