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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use E-Print music at festival?
Alternate Editions (Publishers) for selections on the Festival Music List
Is it permissible to double voice parts in vocal duets?
Can I find the WSMA Festival Music on-line?
Should I play all movements in a multi-movement selections?
What is the correct performance length at festival?
Suggestions to Shorten Music
How do I prepare the music for the Adjudicator(s)? Can I give them a photocopy?

E-Print Music and WSMA Festivals

Several publishers now offer e-Print music, allowing customers to view and purchase sheet music online. There is a licensing page included with each e-Print order explaining how e-Print music complies with Federal copyright laws in greater detail. Specifically, there is a copyright notice printed at the bottom of the page stating the exact date and time the music was printed. If a time does not appear on what appears to be a photocopied piece of music, the performer should be asked to supply an original, printed score for the judge. If an original, printed score, including exact times printed on e-Print scores, is not given to the judge, the performance should be evaluated for Critique Only.

Alternate Editions at WSMA Festivals
Teachers from member schools may request to use an alternate edition of a selection on the current WSMA Festival Music List.  This option applies to all events including non-permission events.  The Alternate Edition Request Form may be found in the Member Schools area of the website: www.wsmamusic.org.  If the submitted version is comparable, you will receive approval via e-mail to use the alternate edition.  Print the “Festival Music Permission Approval” form and attach it to the judge’s copy of the music for each and every Festival.  If the submitted version is denied use as an alternate edition, WSMA will contact the director.

Doubling of parts is allowed in all Class C Vocal Duets and Class C Barbershop Quartets.

The complete WSMA Festival Music List is found exclusively in MyCenter.  A user name and password are required for access to this resource.  Please contact WSMA if you require assistance.

Use of editions not on the approved or pre-approved permission WSMA Music List must have a "Permission Form" attached. Permission will be granted by WSMA if the music is the same as the required edition.

In SOLO & ENSEMBLE EVENTS, unless otherwise specified in the music list, the performer must select two contrasting movements.
In CONCERT EVENTS, unless otherwise specified, perform all movements in the required selection.

• If the length of a selection exceeds the allotted time, it is permissible to cut part of the selection to stay within time limits. As a guideline, the performance should not exceed 75% of the allotted time.
• In Folk, Heritiage, Ethnic Ensemble Events, the music performed must be 5 minutes in length or an additional selection must be added.
• If two contrasting movements do not use at least half the minimum allotted time, another movement must be added.
• In instrumental events, any cuts should be indicated in the judges copy of the music.

• Omit all repeats and take 2nd endings.
• Omit all piano introductions and interludes longer than 8 measures.
• If possible, omit D.C. al Fine or D.S. al Fine sections.
• Omit sections of repeated themes, if possible.


• It is recommended that music be labeled with the School Name, Class entered and each measure consecutively numbered to facilitate judging procedures.

• In Solo & Ensemble Events, the adjudicator must be provided with a publisher printed original of the matching, correct edition of the music to be performed or the performance is for “critique only.”  It is not the adjudicators’ responsibility to verify the authenticity of the performers music.

• For Concert Events, all choral scores given to adjudicators must be original publisher or legal electronically printed music. There is no penalty for providing a duplicated score to an adjudicator in an instrumental concert event.

• The use of legal electronically printed music is permissible in all WSMA Festivals.
• In addition, teachers and students should follow all applicable copyright laws and rules in providing appropriate music for the performers. See www.wsmamusic.org for information on copyright laws.