• 2014-2015 WSMA Festival Rule Changes and Music List Header Updates

Each year, WSMA Festivals Committee members review festival rules and information from the perspective of how best to serve students.  Discussion and suggested revisions are brought to a steering committee consisting of sub-committee chairs that then refines and forwards the recommendations to the WSMA Board for approval.

The 2014-2015 Festival Rules and Music List Event Headers reflect the following changes: 

A. Festival Rule Changes (changes noted in italics):

V.D.3: Directors must register all events a minimum of 15 business days prior to the assigned State Solo & Ensemble Festival.  A fee of    $10.00 plus $1.00 per entry will be assessed for late registrations.  The late fee may be waived by WSMA if extenuating circumstances exist.  A completed registration includes:

  • All qualifying events marked as attending/not attending.  If there is a discrepancy regarding qualifying events, please call WSMA immediately; and
  • Providing additional information as requested; and
  • Submitting appropriate forms and payment to WSMA.

IX.A.2: For information or to submit a permission request, go to the Permissions Requests section of the Festival Music link on the WSMA website.

B. Festival Music List Event Updates (changes noted in italics):

Event 2010 - Chamber Orchestra: This event is now Permission Required, No Transfer.  Selections previously found on this event list have been moved to the Suggested Repertoire list on the WSMA website.

Event 5822: Drum Duet is now Percussion Duet

Event 5823: Drum Trio is now Percussion Trio

Event 5824: Drum Quartet is now Percussion Quartet.

Event 5912 Misc. Percussion Duet, Trio or Quartet: This event has been eliminated.  Depending on the number of performers, permissions for this event will be absorbed into events 5822, 5823 or 5824.

Event 9218 - Mostly Winds Ethnic, Folk, Heritage Ensemble: This event is now Permission Required, No Transfer. Selections previously found on this event list have been moved to the Suggested Repertoire list on the WSMA website.

Events 9218, 9228, 9238, and 9248 - Ethnic Folk, Heritage Ensembles: The headers for these events have been clarified.  Please see the event header for specific changes.

C. Other Changes (changes noted in italics):

Event 2000 – Full Orchestra: In the header for Event 2000, 6.a will read:
Full orchestras may perform one string orchestra number from the current WSMA Event 2020 or 2859 lists, or from any other source with permission from WSMA, and must be of the same class difficulty as the full orchestra piece.  The string orchestra piece number MAY NOT be chosen from the WSMA Event 6329 list.